Change: The Only Constant

Change is the Only Constant

Change is the only thing that ever remains the same.

That is a true statement in life, and it’s definitely a true statement in translation.

I’ve worked with many translators over the years. My 20th anniversary of being a translator is this year.

I started in 1997.

And one of the things I’ve noticed is that a lot of translators have a hard time accepting that change is inevitable.

Especially in the translation business.

I was working for a translation company once.

The company was still using Windows 95 computers and were thinking of moving to Windows XP. You would have thought the world was falling apart had you been listening to any of the translators working there.

They literally thought that their world was going to end.

They thought that their whole life work was going to disappear. That they would not know how to move on from this drastic change.

The change wasn’t even that big. It wasn’t like they were moving from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. I mean, some of them had already done that move and lived to tell the tale.

So why was there so much consternation about the change?

Because most people don’t like change.

It makes them scared.

Humans like to know outcomes. We don’t like to be surprised.

So when something is uncertain, or has the potential of making the future uncertain, we automatically reject it.

But if you want to be successful as a translator, you need to get rid of this mindset that change is bad.

Instead, you need to embrace change.

Here’s why:

Change is inevitable.

You can’t stop things from changing. I can’t stop things from changing. We might try. We might want nothing more to keep things the same.

We might want to keep translating the same way, using the same tools we’ve always used, marketing, contacting clients, getting paid…. all the same way we’ve always done.

But doing things the way we’ve always done will ensure that we never improve and we are always either improving or dying.

Change is the only way to progress.

Chang is growth. And growth, many times, is uncomfortable.

But without growth, there is death. And if you’re not growing as a translator, you’re going to suffer death professionally before too long.

You might not think so at first. But it will happen. A muscle that never changes will atrophy and eventually become useless.

Change puts you ahead.

Most of your colleagues don’t want to change.

Even further, most of your colleagues don’t want you to change.

Because if you change, that means that they’re standing still. And everyone knows, subconsciously or overtly, that standing still essentially means going backwards.

But if you’re willing to change, you’ll move ahead. You’re business will move ahead. Your ability to connect with clients, do your work, become a better business owner… all will become better. Just because you were open to change.

If you want to change how you approach your translation business go ahead  and read my book, which contains 40 ways to change how you do business. Just implementing one change could improve your business in ways you never thought possible before.

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