Finding Language Jobs with Craigslist

Can You Use Craigslist to Find Language Jobs?

Can you find language jobs on Craigslist?

Is Craigslist even a thing anymore?

That’s what I asked myself today when I started writing this article about finding language jobs on Craigslist. Back in the ancient days of the Internet, Craigslist was huge (and in many instances, the only game in town) when it came to finding a job, selling crap, and buying things.

I mean, hey, the first bike I ever bought I found on Craigslist. It was a grand total of $75 and I’ve ridden it easily over 1,000 miles.

My 1976 Schwinn LeTour I bought on Craigslist for $75.
My 1976 Schwinn LeTour I bought on Craigslist for $75. Don’t be jealous.

So if I could buy a sweet ride on Craigslist, then certainly I could use Craigslist to find language jobs, right?

Ten years ago I would have said yes.

Now, I’m not so sure.

Finding Language Jobs:
The Craigslist Experiment

So, I decided to do a Craigslist check.

The goal was to see if I could find language jobs posted on Craigslist. Was the web platform a viable option for language professionals looking for work?

Or, was it just a place for scammers and people looking for free stuff?

Well, the first thing I re-realized is that there are hundreds of Craigslist pages. These are for cities and countries all around the world.

I didn’t want to spend the next four years of my life sifting through Craigslist.

So I picked one Craigslist city:

Los Angeles.

I went to the Jobs section and typed in “language” in the search bar.

These are the first results I got:

Find language jobs on Craigslist
Listing of language jobs on Craigslist

There were almost 500 results from this search.

Most of the jobs can be fit into a few different categories:

  • teaching jobs
  • service industry jobs
  • other

Teaching Jobs

OK, so teaching jobs in general don’t tend to pay that much. It’s even more evident when finding language jobs on Craigslist.

This one below is for a Spanish teacher for a private school in Woodland Hills:

Foreign language teaching job

It sounds fine until you get to the end of the second paragraph where they say that they only need someone to teach 7.5 hours a week. At $20 an hour.

$140 a week.

That’s not enough to buy groceries in LA.

Granted, not all teaching jobs pay that little.

Still, if you want to become a language professional (emphasis on language), you aren’t likely looking for teaching jobs.

Service Industry Jobs

The same can be send for service industry jobs.

If you’re looking to find a job where you use your language specifically, you’re likely not going to be happy with a job where you just use it tangentially.

Here’s a sample of what kind of results you’re going to get back by trying to find language jobs on Craigslist:

Service industry jobs on Craigslist

Out of the 11 jobs outlined above, 8 of them are related to the service industry.

One job is for a home health aide, one is for a data engineer, and one is for a teacher.

Other Language Jobs

OK, so we’ve looked at two of the categories for language jobs so far.

We have one left.

And in this category is where you’ll find the language jobs you’re looking for.

And what are some of these jobs?

Well, out of 120 jobs posted that I looked at, there were three that were specifically language-related:

Speech Language Pathologist

The job was for a speech language pathologist working for Green Dot Public Schools.

The starting salary was set at $78,000 and listed the following requirements:

Speech Language Pathologist Qualifications

Spanish Language Document Reviewer

The next job I found out of the 120 posted was for a Spanish language document reviewer.

I figured that based on the title, it could be a good language job for someone trying to find language jobs.

However, when I clicked on the job description, I find out quickly that most language professionals wouldn’t qualify for the job based on the qualifications required:

Requirements for Language Document Reviewer Job

Not only do you have to be a lawyer and active member of the Bar, but you also need to have a qualifying score on the ALTA language test.

Work From Home Linguist

The final job I found actually looked the most promising out of the three that I found originally.

This position was advertised as a freelance remote position for translators willing to translate to and from English to a set of other languages.

Here were the qualifications and languages needed:

Qualifications for Linguist/Translator

Sounds great, right?

Normally, I would be a bit skeptical about this type of job posting. However, this one does seem legit as it contained a link to a company that specializes in providing language services to the government.

You can click through to the company and apply through their website.

What Does This All Mean?

So what does this all mean?

Well, it means that while it is possible to find language jobs on Craigslist, it’s definitely not the best place to be looking for the kinds of language jobs you want.

I wouldn’t spend too much time on Craigslist if I were trying to find language jobs.

Instead, I’d focus on different approaches.

First, I’d ask my network of family and friends and acquaintances.

Who do you know that could get you in touch with someone that works at a language company?

Does your circle know that your trying to find a language job?

Second, I’d spend time networking through LinkedIn.

In my experience, most social media platforms aren’t very well suited for trying to find language jobs.

However, being active on LinkedIn is a way to expand your network to find more language opportunities.

Finally, if you were interested in becoming a translator, I’d buy my Translators Market book and apply to every single one of the 400+ agencies listed in the book.

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