Freelance translation and numbers

Freelance Translation and the Law of Numbers

The other day I was reading a post on Twitter, I believe, and in the post the author mentioned the Law of Large Numbers.

If you’re not sure what that is, here’s the Wikipedia definition:

Law of Large Numbers

So basically, the law states that as you do something a large number of times, the results obtained will be closer to what the expected value is.

As I was reading the post on Twitter and then doing some more reading from the Wikipedia article, I got to thinking about how this applies to us as freelance translators.

Finding Clients and the Law of Numbers

Let’s take a look at finding clients.

First of all, what is your expected result when trying to find more clients?

Well, the expected result should be that you get new clients.

Side Note: If you don’t expect that you will get more clients when you advertise for those clients, then you first need to have more confidence in your ability as a freelance translator to become a successful professional.

OK, so if you expect that you will get new clients when looking for those clients, then, by the law of large numbers, you need to advertise to a lot of potential clients to make sure that you get the expected results.

It also means that it might be the case that just because you don’t get a client after the first or second time doesn’t mean that you won’t ever get a translation client.

It simply means that you don’t have a large enough sample size and you need to increase the number of potential clients that you market to.

It really comes down to the fact that the higher the number of people you market to, the the higher the number of people that will become your client.

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