How Can Translation Agencies Find Clients?

Freelance translators and translation agencies often butt heads. Freelance translators think that translation agencies take advantage of them. Translation agencies think that freelance translators complain too much.

The truth that neither side wants to admit is that both are more alike than different.

And one of the things that both have to deal with is finding clients.

I’ve talked previously about how freelance translators, but there are some specific things that translation agencies can do to market their services and find great clients.

First, though, there are some things that should be said about the advantages that translation agencies over freelance translators as it relates to finding clients.

The first advantage is that whether freelance translators like it or not, most clients in general trust translation agencies over freelancers. This is especially true for clients that have no previous experience soliciting translation services.

The next advantage that most translation agencies have over freelance translators is that translation agencies usually employ or are run by more than one person. The addition of extra people in a translation agency can provide great creative energy in terms of coming up with ways to find new clients.

3 Ways Translation Agencies Can Find New Clients

All right, so let’s now talk about what you can do as a translation agency to find new clients.

Leverage the Networks of All Employees

As I mentioned in the second advantage above, translation agencies generally have more than one employee. So translation agencies should take advantage of that and use the networks of each of those employees to find clients.

We often talk about networking in entrepreneurship and it’s no different with freelance translators.

We need to reach out to the people we’ve worked with before, our family members, our friends, or anyone else that could help us find clients. And each employee working for a translation agency should be doing exactly that.

Focus on Advantages

Translation agencies have a number of advantages of freelance translators. They also have some disadvantages, but for the purposes of this article, the important thing is to focus on the advantages that a translation agency has over the competition of freelance translators.

And what are some of those advantages?

First off is the idea that clients tend to view translation agencies as being more reliable and trustworthy than freelance translators.

Freelance translators can get upset about that but after talking to numerous clients, that’s what I’ve been told.

Other advantages that translation agencies can have over freelance translators include:

  • more employees so potentially faster turnaround
  • more employees so a perception of more expertise

So a translation agency should market to clients using those advantages.

Attend Related Conferences

Finally, both translation agencies and freelance translators can attend translation conferences.

Translation agencies, though, with more people, can attend more of these conferences, building faster networks with potential clients as well as potential partners.

As such, translation agencies should be taking advantage of these conferences.

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