It’s Easy to be a Translator If

Is it easy to work as a translator?

Sure it is.


You don’t mind not having a steady paycheck.

You can buy your own health insurance.

You have the discipline to invest your own money.

You can be on call 24/7/365.

You can treat yourself as a business owner and not as a translator.

You don’t care about prestige or workplace honors.

You love the interplay between languages.

You realize you’re not an expert in your languages or areas of expertise.

You love dictionaries.

You want to work your own schedule.

You recognize your strengths.

You like meeting new people from other backgrounds and cultures.

You’re not afraid to talk to strangers.

You’re comfortable working on your computer.

You have a translator’s mindset.

You can drown out distractions.

You don’t have to resort to your job title as a pick-up line.

You love marketing.

You know your social media tools.

You are always learning.

You can take care of your own health.

Talking on the phone or Skype is not a problem.

You know how to value your time.

You don’t mind working alone.

You can concentrate while working in a Starbucks.

You know the difference between translating and interpreting.

You don’t mind some healthy competition.

You’re willing to invest in yourself.

You’re okay with making mistakes.

You can change.

You can network.

You like learning about new subjects.

Your idea of “movie night” is watching a foreign film.

You’re willing to seek help when needed.

You’r willing to figure things out on your own.

You’re okay with taking a first step.

You know how to do research.

You keep your options open.

You’re always looking for opportunities.

You are already fluent in two or more languages.

You’re grammar is tight.

You recognize that the translation industry is not static.

You’ve got tenacity.

The unknown doesn’t scare you.

You really understand your clients’ needs.

You know how to write.

You like to read.

You read a lot of everything.

You love translating.

You know that details matter.

You can treat your business as a business.

You recognize translation ability is only one part of being a translator.

You don’t mind social media.

You’re not addicted to social media.

You stop comparing yourself to other translators.

You don’t let the outside world distract you.

You’re willing to consider the simple solutions.

You know that there are multiple paths to success.

You’re getting paid.

P.S. What else makes being a translator easy? Knowing the Translation Rules.

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