Progress is Key for Success as a Freelance Translator

I’ve often talked before about how to have success as a freelance translator.

There’s a lot that goes in to being successful and there’s not one specific path to that success.

However, one of the biggest hurdles that get in the way of that success is looking at another translator’s success and thinking that we should be at the same place as they are.

We’re so quick to make that comparison, but what we don’t realize is that we can’t start where someone else is.

We have to start where that other person started. We can’t start where they’re at now.

Watch this:

“You can’t start where I am now. You got to start where I started.” – Eric Thomas

Are You Progressing?

OK, so once you realize that you can’t compare yourself to other freelance translators, you need to focus on the next step.

And that step is the idea of continual progress.

What do I mean by continual progress?

Simply put, continual progress is the idea that you do something every day that will improve yourself and/or your business.

You don’t have to make big changes or big improvements; however, if you make small incremental progress every single day, in a single year you will have improved yourself tremendously.

One Percent Improvement

To start with this idea of continual improvement, one method you can do is to break down your 24 hour day.

One percent of 24 hours is 14.4 minutes.

 So, to start with, you should decide where you want to improve yourself. Do you want improved health?

Do you want to improve your social media?

Do you need more clients?

Whatever you want to improve in, start with 15 minutes per day.

Let’s say that you want to improve your social media game.

Instead of worrying now about how you’re going to get 10,000 followers, instead, focus on the 1%.

Spend 15 minutes per day creating one Instagram post.

Why It Works

Spending 15 minutes per day on a social media post might not seem like much. However, the real power in one percent continual improvement is that you aren’t overwhelmed by the idea of a large major goal.

Instead, you’re focused on the practicality of getting stuff done.

When you spend 15 minutes per day on that one Instagram post, you’re setting yourself up for success because you are getting something done. You’re not thinking about getting it done.

And once you realize how easy it is to get something done, you are that much more motivated to spend an additional 15 minutes to improve something else in your life.

If you do that, you’re up to 2% improvement. Every single day.

Do that every day for a whole year and you will have improved yourself tons without even really thinking about it.

Want to know in which areas you should improve to become a more successful translator? Read my book.

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