Translate wedding certificates

Translate Wedding Certificates for Extra Income

One of the problems with translators is that we often think one-dimensionally.

We think that that there is only one way to earn money as a translator: Finding big clients with big projects that come with big payouts.

That’s a problem.

The reason is because while that is one way to earn money, there are lots of other types of translations that translators can do.

And one of the easiest ways to make money as a translator is to translate wedding certificates (also known as translating marriage certificates).

Translate Wedding Certificates

There are lots of good reasons why translating wedding certificates can be a profitable side income for translators.

Remember, to make money, you need a demand and a way to fulfill that demand.

As a translator, you already have a way to fulfill the demand for translation services.

Now you just need a demand.

And of that there is plenty.

Take a look at these Tweets from a search I did on Twitter with the phrases about “marriage certificate.”

You can see that there is a demand for translators to translate wedding certificates.

As a translator, your job then is to take advantage of that demand and offer a service translating those marriage certificates.

You’ve got to connect with your clients to be able to do that.

You can do that in lots of ways.

Process to Translate a Marriage Certificate from Spanish to English

Let’s take a hypothetical situation.

You’re a Spanish/English translator who is interested in translating wedding certificates from Spanish to English.

What are the steps to translate wedding certificates?

Optimize Your Website for Marriage Certificate Translation

First, you should have a website. If not, get one now through Bluehost. That’s is a must.

The reason is because that’s how most potential clients will find you.

I mean, look at the suggestions Google gives you when you start typing “how to translate wedding…” into the search bar:

How to Translate Wedding Certificates
Google Search suggestions when typing “how to translate marriage…”

There are so many different phrases that people are searching on when looking for a translator to help them translate marriage certificates.

With a website, you can be one of the first results that potential clients see when performing searches.

Let’s look at another example.

Your potential client searches one the following phrase:

translate marriage certificate into English

Search results from Google for translate marriage certificate into English

Three different companies have the top spots on Google for that phrase.

If you have a translation-related website that focuses on providing that service, you could be one of the links that appears on the front page of Google, like these companies. It could be your website getting those links and that traffic from potential clients.

Optimize Your Social Media for Wedding Certificate Translation

Second, use your social media account to do the same thing. I’d recommend Twitter for this.

Here’s why.

Twitter is the only social media site where people will be asking for advice on how to get their wedding or marriage certificate translated.

On Instagram, they’re posting pictures of their wedding and honeymoon for all their friends.

On Facebook, the bride and groom are posting pictures of the marriage ceremony for their grandparents.

Over on Snapchat, they’re posting pictures of the wedding after party.

And LinkedIn is a ghost town.

After they get back to reality, they’re posting on Twitter questions like this:

Looking for marriage certificate translator using Twitter

So make sure that you have a Twitter account that showcases your work as a freelance translator.

In addition, talk in your tweets about how you do your marriage certificate translations.

Talk about pitfalls of asking an amateur to do the translation.

Talk about the benefits your client will get by choosing you.

Answer all their questions before they even ask them.

You’ll be the expert they choose to do the translation.

Charge Your Client for the Wedding Certificate Translation

One of the good things about doing this kind of translation work is that you can charge a flat fee for each document.

Let me say this another way.

Don’t charge by the word when it comes to translating marriage or wedding certificates.

Instead, charge a flat fee.


Well, most wedding certificates that you’ll translate probably don’t even have 50 words.

If you’re normal rate is $0.10 a word, and a wedding certificate only has 50 words, you’re only making $5.

But if you charge a flat fee of $50, you’re much better off.

Do five of those a month at $50 a pop and you’ll be earning an extra $250 a month.

And before you say you’re ripping the customer off, remember this.

Instead of focusing most of your efforts on the translation portion of the document, you’re spending most of your time on making sure that the translated version looks like the original.

Because of that, you need knowledge of desktop publishing and graphic design.

You’re not just handing your client words in a Word doc.

You’re giving them a certificate that looks exactly like the original except for the language.

That takes time, effort, and talent that goes beyond just translating.

What’s great for you, though, is that once you get good at it, you can easily put together translations of wedding certificates in less time than you do other translations.

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